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September 2017

Randolph is cast in the Coeurage Theatre Company's production of Secret in the Wings by Mary Zimmerman. It will be presented in November and December of 2017 and is directed by Joe Calarco. More info to come!

August 2017

Randolph is cast in a reading of a new play Dugout: A Little League Macbeth by Anne Brashier at the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles.

Randolph films another episode of Killer Panel on Project Alpha.

July 2017

Randolph films Isabella and the Pot of Basil, a short film directed by Cara Lawson. It's an incredible film with a fantastic cast. Look for it in early 2018!

Randolph is cast in a reading of This Floating World by Tira Palmquist at Boston Court theater. This play is incredible and Randolph fulfills another lifelong dream as he gets to play a dog.

Randolph appears in Murder Panel and The 1960's Variety show on Project Alpha.

June 2017

Randolph is cast in Ready, Steady, Yeti, Go by David Jacobi a reading at Circle X as part of their New Play Festival.

May 2017

Randolph records VO for Wine Country, a parody PSA by Bianca Malinowski on Funny or Die.

April 2017

Randolph films Stylish Inspirations with Jen, a parody online shopping show on Project Alpha.

Nerdist School House Team Karen adds a new member - Todd Bosley!

March 2017

Randolph appears with the Nerdist School as part of a new network launched by Legendary Pictures, Project Alpha. The network features original content, streamed live and available for on demand viewing. The Nerdist School is creating a show, The Nerdist School of Improv, bringing improv classes to an online audience.

Randolph is cast in Isabella and the Pot of Basil, a short film shooting in Los Angeles this summer. He plays a bad guy who gets poisoned and dies. Dreams come true, kids.

February 2017

Randolph shoots the pilot of Fam Club, a new series created by his Karen collaborators Nick Casalini and Muriel Montgomery. It's super funny and dumb and funny.

Randolph is again asked to serve as a judge for the Spotlight monologue competition. Once again, the work of the students is unbelievable.

Back to school! Randolph enrolls in Jen Curran's improv class at the Nerdist School.

January 2017

Randolph is cast in a reading of a new screenplay, We Bought A Gun by Dave Cowan. He'll be playing opposite the incredbile Teresa Reilly!

Super(fluous) is released! Check it out all of the episodes here.

December 2016

Randolph takes over teaching the Acting 1 class at The Nerdist School.

Randolph is cast in a reading of a new play, Pirates by Anne Brashier.

October 2016

Randolph films Season 2, Episode 6 of Rosewood titled "Tree Toxins and Other Stories". The entire cast and crew are great to work with!

1984 opens at the Greenway Court Theatre to sold out crowds. Huffington Post says, "Brilliant New Adaptation of Orwell's '1984' Serves Up an Interactive and Entertaining Tour-de-Force"

September 2016

Randolph is cast as Winston in George Orwell's 1984 at Greenway Court in Los Angeles. This adapation is directed by Kate Jopson and will run in October and November.

Randolph is cast in the show Rosewood on Fox starring Morris Chestnut.

August 2016

Couerage Theatre Company's production of Twelfth Night continues its run in Burbank. The LA Times calls out this "inventive" production for its "high energy comic high jinks".

Randolph films Season 12, Episode 1 of Criminal Minds, titled "The Crimson King".

July 2016

Randolph is cast in Criminal Minds. Watch for him in the premier episode of Season 12!

Twelfth Night begins performances at the Grove Theatre Center in Burbank.

June 2016

Rehearsals begin for Twelfth Night with Coeurage Theatre Company.

Karen, the Nerdist Shool House Team, is very excited to welcome new members Artemis Pebdani and Thomas Hamilton!

Randolph shoots Hunter Vonn, a short sketch video featuring the amazing BJ Gallagher.

Randolph is asked to co-teach Acting 1 with Ptolemy Slocum at the Nerdist School.

May 2016

Randolph serves as a judge for Spotlight at The Music Center, a monologue competition for LA area High School Students. Incredible work by all of the performers!

Randolph is cast as Rene in the ABC Digital Series - Serious Music. Created by two magicians, Zach Reino and Jessica McKenna, this is a super funny one.

Karen, the Nerdist School House Team, performs at the Coup De Comedy 2016 at UC Irvine.

April 2016

Randolph is asked to participate in a panel for Center Theatre Group's Going Pro Career Fair. The panel is geared toward current college students and recent grads, and the topic is "Do I Need Grad School"? Randolph did not attend grad school so...

Fur by Migdalia Cruz, directed by Beth Lopes, is performed at Hero Theater's Festival Irene.

March 2016

Randolph is cast in the comedy sketch video, AS Insurance, directed by Nathaniel Boggess.

Loose Canon Collective begins developmental workshops of R&J.

February 2016

Randolph is cast in a reading of Migdalia Cruz's Fur as part of Hero Theater's Festival Irene honoring Marîa Irene Fornés.

January 2016

Randolph does a really strange bit for The Absurdist Show at the Nerdist School. If you weren't there you missed it.

December 2015

Loose Canon Collective begins planning meetings for their next project, an adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

November 2015

Trevor at Circle X takes home 4 Ovation awards!

The Nerdist School improv house team Karen welcomes a new member, Mike Hughes.

Randolph teams up with other Nerdist School alums to create Monster Mash, a short film as part of the 5-hour Maker Fest.

October 2015

Randolph is cast in Mark Lembeck Technique, a pilot for Adult Swim starring Jason Alexander.

Randolph is nominaed for an Ovation Award for Best Ensemble for Trevor at Circle X.

September 2015

The Winter's Tale opens to a packed house in San Antonio Shakespeare in the Park. Deborah Martin at calls it a "pitch-perfect marvel".

Randolph and Beth appear on the local PBS affiliate, KLRN, to talk about their experiences working together on The Winter's Tale.

Randolph appears on the morning show "Great Day SA" to talk about The Winter's Tale.

Back in Los Angeles, Randolph films the short Elsewhere by Nick Vergara.

August 2015

Randolph is cast as Leontes in a production of The Winter's Tale at San Antonio Shakespeare in the Park. Director Beth Lopes is a familiar name. Nepotism aside, this is a really exciting project and opportunity.

Randolph and Beth hit the road for San Antonio with their dog in tow. Looking forward to a month in a new place!

July 2015

Art of Acting Studio's production of Macbeth opens in Los Angeles.

Karen, the Nerdist School House Team, continues its weekly run on Sunday nights.

Randolph is invited to perform with the Faculty in their Faculty and Friends show at the NerdMelt Showroom!

June 2015

Randolph is cast as Ross in the Art of Acting Studio's production of Macbeth. This updated take on one of Shakespeare's most popluar plays will have a month long run in Hollywood.

May 2015

Trevor at Circle X ends its run as one of the hottest shows in Los Angeles in 2015. A huge thank you to everyone at Circle X, as well as the entire cast. A very special thank you to Laurie Metcalf and Jimmi Simpson who delivered two incredibly heartbraking performances. This was a special one.

Randolph films Good Timing a super fun short film with Foster Wilson directed by James Darling.

April 2015

Randolph will be taking over the role of AD/Jerry for the final two weeks of Trevor at Circle X!

Trevor opens to rave reviews!

March 2015

Randolph is very excited to announce that he will understudy the role of AD/Jerry in Trevor by Nick Jones at Circle X. The cast includes Laurie Metcalf and Jimmi Simpson and the production is directed by Stella Powell-Jones. Previews begin March 5th and the show runs through April 19th.

February 2015

The Hamlet Project returns to LA! This adapted production of Hamlet features drinking games, audience participation, and a beer pong duel to the death. Tickets and more info can be found via the Loose Canon Collective website.

January 2015

Salem Rogers: Model of the Year 1998 debuts on Amazon to rave reviews! Amazon Prime members can watch for free and leave their own review. If you've ever wanted to see Randolph making out with the incredibly funny Rachel Dratch, see above.

Randolph's Amazon Pilot, Salem Rogers: Model of the Year 1998 is announced! Amazon will release it along with a slate of new pilots later this month. Check out this HuffPo preview here.

December 2014

Randolph films a super secret project so secret it can't even be spoken of here. Details will follow...

Karen (house team at The Nerdist School) takes the stage! Weekly performances at Meltdown Comics on Sunday night's at 7pm along with The Dam Breaks.

November 2014

Randolph is excited to be selected as a member of The Nerdist School's newest house team - Karen! Performance schedule is still tbd, but look for them on The Nerdist School Stage next to Meltdown Comics in Hollywood.

October 2014

Randolph is cast in the short film, "I'm Supposed to Feel Better, Right?" He plays a psychiatrist who is averse to prescribing medication.

Randolph is cast in a new pilot airing on Amazon! More details to come, but this is awesome news. Hold your breath! Get excited! Exclamations!

Randolph is cast in a reading of Tim Mason's play A Capella at Circle X. It's a beautiful play with incredible actors reading in it.

September 2014

Randolph joins forces with some LA powerhouses to create a new theater company, Loose Canon Collective. First order of business is remounting The Hamlet Project in the place where it all started. Look for it in early 2015!

August 2014

Ptolemy's Level 3 class performs their graduation show and Randolph does a reasonable job.

Randolph forms an improv group with members of his Nerdist School class and performs in the monthly show Fernando's Bris.

July 2014

Randolph is cast in the webseries Super(fluous). He plays a cop who has had enough of a rowdy bacherlorette party. Obviously.

Randolph travels to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival to see shows and catch up with friends. Amanda Dehnert's Into the Woods is pretty close to perfect.

June 2014

Randolph is cast in the sketch video "Sweaty Palms" by the group Cool Adjacent. He plays Jason and is unable to remove a bra. Obviously.

Randolph begins performing Henry V at PRT!

May 2014

Derek Miller's Level 2 class at Nerdist performs their class show. Randolph makes some ok jokes.

Randolph passes Level 2 and the Nerdist Improv School and is accepted into Ptolemy Slocum's Level 3 class.

Randolph is cast in the Pacific Resident Theatre production of Henry V. The production has rave reviews and a stellar cast!

April 2014

Randolph is cast as the lead in a new short film directed by Andy Jordan. Filming to start in mid-April.

Randolph joins the Nerdist softball team in the LA comedy sports league.

March 2014

Rebekka Johnson's Level 1 class performs their class show. Randolph made some pretty funny jokes.

Randolph passes Level 1 at the Nerdist Improv School and is accepted into Derek Miller's Level 2 class.

Randolph is cast in the Global Theater Project's Belarusian Dream Theater. This international project features theaters and companies around the world performing plays focusing on Belarus. The LA production premiere's at the Boston Court Center for the Performing Arts.

February 2014

Randolph is cast in a reading of a new musical. We can't really say much more than that, but it's pretty exciting. Trust me.

Christinna Chauncey's On Camera Auditioning class performs in a mock network test showcase. All agree it went really well.

January 2014

Happy New Year! Randolph starts an On Camera Auditioning class with Christinna Chauncey.

Randolph is accepted into the Nerdist Improv School and begins with Rebekkah Johnson's Level 1 class.

December 2013

Randolph is thrilled to announce that he has signed with manager Al Hill at Epiphany Management Group. For booking information please call Al at 424-652-4008.

Randolph travels to NYC to visit family and friends and see shows. Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 by Dave Malloy and Punchdrunk's Sleep No More are incredible! Other things are good too.

October 2013

Busy month of commercial and theatrical auditions!

Randolph is cast in a reading of the original screenplay The House at Otowi Bridge by Bruce Gelfand (adapted from the novel by Peggy Pond Church).

September 2013

Randolph has been cast as a guest star in the season 1 finale of the action webseries, "Survival Jobs." He plays Reggie, a black market dealer in supernatural artifacts. Obviously.

Bad Apples has been nominated for 6 Ovation Awards including Best Production of Musical. Huge congratulations to the entire team!

August 2013

Rehearsals resume for Or What You Will in preparation for a presentation as part of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Green Show season. A rock band is assembled with Randolph fronting as the fool Feste. Matt Roi Berger has written some incredible music and faces will melt.

The cast and production team of Or What You Will head to Ashland, OR and have two shows in front of hundreds of patrons. It is generally agreed that faces melted. Mission accomplished.

July 2013

Summer vacation time! Work comes to a screeching pause as life is thoroughly enjoyed.

June 2013

Randolph begins development rehearsals on a new piece titled Or What You Will, an adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night created by Beth Lopes and featuring the music of Matt Roi Berger.

May 2013

Randolph is thrilled to announce that he is now commercially represented by TGMD. Contact Sally Kadison at 323-850-6767 for booking info.

Randolph is cast in a new piece developed by The Global Theatre Project called Living An Explorer's Desire. This bilingual English/Italian piece deals with issues of immigration and will be performed with an international cast in Los Angeles on May 21st.

April 2013

Randolph attends the LA Weekly Theater Awards in support of Bad Apples. The show takes home two awards--James Black wins Best Male Musical Performance, and Rob Cairns and Beth Thornley win Best Original Music. Congrats to all!

Randolph films Betrayal, adapted from the Pinter play and directed by Andy Jordan. A great experience top to bottom. Is there a Britishism of that saying? Tip to tails? Stem to stern? Help.

March 2013

New headshots by the wonderful photographer Michael Helms! Reminder: put up a photo gallery then delete this message. Actually just delete this message now.

Randolph is cast as Jerry in a film adaptation of Pinter's Betrayal. Shooting slated for early April.

Exciting plans and new projects in the works! I really hate when people put things like that up, but don't elaborate.

Randolph attends the L.A. Drama Critic's Circle Awards in support of Bad Apples. Kate Chadwick gives an incredible performance of the song "Surrender" from the show, written by the incredible Rob Cairns and Beth Thornley.

Randolph spends a weekend playing in a clown and neutral mask workshop by Pig Iron Theatre Company, led by Quinn Bauriedel. In a word? Beautiful.

February 2013

Bad Apples is nominated for eleven LA Weekly Theater Awards!

Happy Valentine's Day to those of you who aren't annoyed by that statement.

February begins with a flurry of auditions and workshops. New headshots and videos on the way!

January 2013

Randolph says a sad goodbye to the wonderful cast and production team of Bad Apples, which closes to rave reviews.

Bad Apples is nominated for four L.A. Drama Critic's Circle Awards, including Best Production. Other nominees in this category include the stellar production of War Horse and the incredible Book of Mormon, both featuring fellow NYU alums. Stay tuned for the awards announcement on March 18th.

Randolph records the cast album for Bad Apples with the amazing Rob Cairns and Beth Thornley.

2013 looks to be shaping up nicely as Randolph is cast in the critically acclaimed musical Bad Apples, by Jim Leonard at Circle X Theatre. The show opens on 1/11 and runs through 2/2. Tickets available here.

December 2012

Randolph films an industrial commercial and appears in Harvard Sailing Team's video "Office Secret Santa."

Randolph records VO for Richard, Dinner's Ready.

December starts off quickly as Randolph is cast in the reading of a new animated feature still in development.

November 2012

Randolph is cast in the workshop of a new play, Fugue For Edgar Allen Poe by Ella Martin. Performances 11/29-30 at the Electric Lodge in Venice.

The Hamlet Project: Election 2012 opens to rave reviews (from the drunk people in the audience). The show is taking a hiatus for a few months for redevelopment. Look for us again in Spring '13.

October 2012

Randolph returns to action. October finds him in casting director workshops and rehearsing for a new round of The Hamlet Project.

September 2012

Randolph gets married! Work is on hold as he takes a much needed break to wed the love of his life, and enjoy two weeks of honeymooning in Asia.

August 2012

Randolph films Richard, Dinner's Ready, a short film directed by Edward Jowdy. Release date in early 2013.